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Accrue Capital is a property investment, development and asset management  firm  with  in-house  expertise  across  the broadest  range  of  real  estate  disciplines  and  asset classes.

We  invest  our  own  capital  alongside  leading  industry  joint  venture  partners  and,  since  formation,  have assembled  a  portfolio  valued  in  excess  of  £100  million across various sectors. This has included a number of development projects in various locations throughout the UK.

Whilst  we  maintain  our  position  as  a  hands-on  asset  manager  of  our  existing  portfolio,  as  an  opportunistic  acquirer we are always seeking new opportunities. With capital to invest and strong investor partnerships in place, we are able to move quickly to secure mainly off market acquisitions.

Investment Expertise:

Whilst Accrue Capital has experience across all real estate sectors, we specialise in acquiring and assembling portfolio assets. As an opportunistic buyer, we have the flexibility to adapt to all market conditions. Our expertise covers proprietary market and asset analysis, business planning, acquisition structuring, due diligence, transaction management, as well as planning and development. Our detailed analysis enables us to fully understand and mitigate downside risk prior to any acquisition.


Accrue  Capital  has  the  ability  to  efficiently  manage  large  portfolios  of  assets,  including  smaller  individual  properties  which  would  be  below  the  radar  of  many  institutional  managers.  Our in-house team of asset managers collective experience covers all sectors of the property spectrum. Boasting  a  proven  track  record  in  optimising  value  by  engaging  with  tenants,  Accrue  Capital  adopts  a  very  hands-on approach. In this way, we rely on the strategic knowledge of our team to build what has proven to be a highly successful business model.


Through our extensive network of contacts throughout the property industry, including our direct relationships with investors and lenders, we are able to secure mainly  off  market  acquisitions.  Our opportunistic  nature  and  ability to structure complex transactions means that we  are  often  approached  early  on  in  the  disposal  process.  Vendors seek to work with us to structure deliverable transactions that work for all parties.

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