Accrue  has  established  itself  as  something  of  a  specialist in the acquisition and optimisation of mixed  use portfolios (retail, offices, industrial and residential) comprising  properties  with  individual  lot  sizes  of  £2-  £10 million.

We  are  able  to  analyse  large  portfolios  of  assets  in  a  timely  and  efficient  manner  and  are  able  to  acquire  within  tight  timescales.  We  have  experience  of  SPV  acquisitions,  often  with  complicated  financing  structures  and  legacy  tax  issues,  as  well  as  straight  forward property purchases.

We have a proven track record in optimising value by engaging with our tenants and adopting a very hands on approach. Our in house team of property managers  enables  us  to  quickly  integrate  large  portfolio  acquisitions and this ensures we are able to implement  our business plans at the earliest opportunity.

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